Experience the Freedom of Mobility with an In-Home Fitting

power_mobilityAllcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services’s staff performs an in-home evaluation which includes over 20 client measurements. During this evaluation, the home is inspected for suitability of the wheelchair to maneuver in the residence.  Doorways are measured and activities of daily living are discussed and taken into consideration before seating a client in a wheelchair. Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services’ team involves the patient’s physician and/or Physical Therapist as needed.

Proper fitting of a wheelchair involves a great deal of expertise and dedication to exceed our customer’s satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and service is a top priority at Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services.

Mobile Equipment Service

We service what we sell! For mobility equipment, our service area includes counties within 90 miles of our home office, which is located in Toombs County. Our service area for power wheelchairs is approximately a 90-mile radius of Toombs County in order to provide prompt service. However, Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services considers each case individually and, in some circumstances, may extend our service area.

Georgia Credentials

Due to the limited number of properly credentialed providers in Georgia, Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services’ service area for advanced rehab wheelchairs is much broader. Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services will service most areas in Georgia for advanced rehab wheelchair assessments.

Thank you for choosing Allcare Pharmacy & Healthcare Services!

Meet Nick Korths

A loyal customer who trusts AllCare Pharmacy and Healthcare Services with his mobility equipment needs.

I was raised in northern New York beside Lake Champlain. I’ve climbed 45 of the 46 highest peaks in the gorgeous Adirondack Mts. I rode my bicycle from Seattle, WA back to NY in 1981. I had started working in kitchens after finishing high school. I really enjoyed this ‘art form,’ and decided to move to my mother’s homeland to pursue it. I followed a 3 year cooking apprenticeship while living in Geneva, Switzerland. I rode in the Bicycle Troops of the Swiss Army. I also toured France and Italy on my personal road bicycle. In 1994 I found myself back in the USA, working for a small construction company in coastal Georgia. A year and a half later, I fell from a roof of a house and severed my spine at level C 4-5. This new life has been a lot more restrictive but it hasn’t stopped my adventurous side. Thanks AllCare!

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