Insurance Information

Does Insurance Cover Compounded Medications?

If you are already sold on the idea of compounded medications, you may find yourself wondering “How much will this cost me?” “Will my insurance cover compounding?” While it is impossible to speak on behalf of all insurance companies, almost every insurance plan allows for some form of reimbursement for compounded prescriptions.

What Does This Mean for Me?

As mentioned, most every insurance plan allows patients to be reimbursed on compounded prescriptions by sending in claims forms. This means that you may have to pay the pharmacy directly when picking up your prescription, but most insurance plans will pay you back, covering the final cost — less the co-pay or deductible.

Many patients may assume that compounding is expensive. Just like any other medication, it varies based on what the prescription is for and the required ingredients. When it comes to compounded prescriptions, the type of dosage form and equipment required, as well as the time spent researching and preparing the medication can determine the cost. However, because compounding pharmacists have access to pure-grade quality chemicals, compounding prices are often very competitive with commercially manufactured products.

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