Sinus Therapy

Topical Sinus Therapy & Sinus Relief

Topical Sinus Therapy (TST) is a cutting edge treatment option for patients suffering from Acute or Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) and allergic rhinitis. This type of therapy utilizes unique medication delivery devices that many patients have never experienced.

Topical Sinus Therapy is a fast, efficient, and affordable solution to a very widespread health problem. CRS affects approximately 14.2% of the American population, and in the past has relied on symptomatic treatment (I.e. treating the symptoms) rather than treating the root cause of the condition. With TST we can incorporate and combine antibiotic, antifungal, and corticosteroid medication into each individual treatment plan customized per patient by your doctor.

Beautiful boy wipes nose with napkinSinus Treatment Delivery Devices from Allcare

Delivery devices utilized here at Allcare Compounding Pharmacy include nasal nebulizers, atomizers, nasal sprays, and nasal rinse bottles. These devices allow us to partner with your physician to treat your condition directly at its source with topical medication that rinses and coats your nasal passages efficiently and painlessly. With the treatment being a topical treatment, there is less risk for side effects and interactions with your other medications, because systemic absorption is significantly less than intravenous or oral therapies. Whether you are suffering from rhinosinusitis or allergic rhinitis, treatment with Topical Sinus Therapy may be for you.

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