In our home state of Georgia, everybody is our neighbor — and that’s how we treat them. At Allcare Compounding Pharmacy and Healthcare Services we are committed to providing our fellow Georgia residents with quality compounding services, medical equipment and power mobility products.

Discover Customized Medical Care That Fits Your Needs

Our friendly and courteous staff puts an emphasis on providing all of our customers with the local, personable experience provided by pharmacies in decades past. We have the high-quality aspects of your corporate chain pharmacies, but with the friendly neighborhood service you expect from your pharmacist. At Allcare Compounding Pharmacy we take the time to get to know our patients and their healthcare providers, bridging the gap between the two to execute a successful treatment plan.

 Compounding Services in Georgia

We offer compounding services to our Georgia customers in order to provide them with custom-fit medications that work for them. We can work with a number of medical ingredients to compound the correct dose for any patient, as well as determine the best form to deliver that medication. We work hard to make sure it is the right fit for you, and your compounded medication may be taken through a transdermal gel, lollipop, suspension, nebulizer or many other means. We offer the following compounding services:

High Quality Wheelchairs, Walkers and Medical Equipment Delivered to Your Georgia Home

In addition to our numerous compounding services, we also offer power mobility products, mastectomy products, medical equipment and various other products. For our Georgia customers we will deliver power mobility products within a 90-mile radius of our location in Lyons, GA. We will also deliver medical equipment within a 30-mile radius of Lyons, in order to provide the utmost convenience to our customers.

At Allcare Compounding Pharmacy your needs are our priority. Did we mention that we are pleased to offer prescription delivery services to our neighboring Lyons and Vidalia, GA residents? And, perhaps best of all, at no charge! Are you ready to experience the friendly, welcoming experience that Allcare Compounding Pharmacy and Healthcare Services offers?


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