Sinus Solutions

Patients who suffer from Acute or Chronic Rhinosinusitis or Allergic Rhinitis often have unique symptoms. In a modern society where mass production is the norm, the majority of medicines are not suited to fit every patient’s unique needs. Fortunately, Allcare Compounding Pharmacy offers Topical Sinus Therapy (TST) solutions to those patients who require more customized sinus care.

Compounded Sinus Treatments Target Underlying Condition

Custom compounded prescriptions for sinus relief are designed to treat the root of the underlying condition, rather than simply alleviating the symptoms. With approximately 14.2% of the American population affected by Chronic Rhinosinusitis, the demand for a successful treatment plan is high. Topical Sinus Therapy meets that demand quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Customized Sinus Solutions for Every Patient

The experienced pharmacists at Allcare Compounding Pharmacy can combine antibiotic, antifungal and corticosteroid medication into custom treatments to fit each and every patient’s specific needs. Topical Sinus Therapy solutions allow Healthcare Providers the freedom to prescribe the amount of medication they believe will provide their patients with the most relief.

Our compounded sinus solutions can be delivered through a number of devices, including:

Long-Term Relief with Topical Solutions

Our topical solutions go straight to the source and treat sinus conditions by rinsing and coating the patient’s nasal passages efficiently and painlessly. Additionally, less absorption results in a lower risk of side effects and harmful interactions with other medications — alleviating any unnecessary symptoms a patient may have suffered from in the past.

Unique Products Built for Your Body!

Simply put, our sinus solutions are designed to give patients the treatment their body requires — and deserves. Every patient is unique, and so are their medical needs. At Allcare Compounding Pharmacy we place an emphasis on personalized, effective care in order to cater to those needs. Mass-produced medical solutions may not be fit for every patient, but they don’t have to be.

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